The Last One

This is our last post this year. Just because we do not have time for more. In December, we decided that we had to take a short trip, even for our country. I (Sara) had mentioned several times that I had never seen snow. It isn’t something that happens in the city we live in….

Revolog Series – Revolog Kolor

Revolog is the name given to classic ISO 200 35mm film that are manually changed to produce special effects, which are visible when the film is developed. These effects may be in their structure or color. The revolog offers 12 different films with varied effects. Revolog Kolor is the film which its effect is…

Color Negative 800 – Lomography stuff

We are from Setúbal. A city of fishermen neighbourhoods, and where fish is the main business card. At some point in the year, all our cities celebrate their patrons saint and the way to do it is with a typically traditional commemoration. Our city is no exception and every year there is a S’antiago fair….