Kodak Ultramax 400

Tenho usado o Kodak Ultramax 400 como o principal rolo a cores. Facilmente o consigo comprar e normalmente é vendido em pack's e com promoções. Fica confortavelmente a bom preço. Desta vez, o Ultramax ficou mais tempo dentro da maquina e acabei por usar em diversos ambientes diferentes com temperaturas de cor diferentes. Tipos de... Continue Reading →

Helios 44 m-4 58mm f/2

A tour through Lisbon to test the new acquisition. Helios 44M, 58mm f / 2. A soviet made lens that weights more that I was expecting. Just metal an glass here.But the most amazing thing is the "swirl bokeh effect" produced on the out-of-focus parts off an image. This lens has a M42 lens mount , which... Continue Reading →

Local Festivities with Ilford Delta 3200

Celebrating religion is something very comon in Portugal.Events such as pilgrimages, and processions are quite frequent an in large number throughout the country. It is especially at Easter the the so-called "local festivities" are held in the cities, towns ans villages of the country in honour of the saint on the area. At this time,... Continue Reading →

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